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Now it's been done
the best thing of our lives
time to get it done
and runaway into the night
now it's been done
let's tune out all the bad
and get back what she should've had
and I won't let you
suffer like you have before
And I will be
right at your side
and I will be
at your side all through the night
Now is the time
to get on with our lives
the best deal that we have
is to runaway in the dead of night
now is the time
forget about the days that always led us to pain
now is the time
to free us of these locks and chains
(chorus 2x)
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Scent of Beauty by biblatchy Scent of Beauty :iconbiblatchy:biblatchy 0 0
Come on, get up now
jump the fuck out of my way
shut-up, don't talk to me
I don't give a damn what you have to say
Don't talk, now drop the H-bomb
now your as is gonna get blown away
fallout, coming from above
you won't live to see another day
Go away, leave me alone
forget you guys now I hate you all
I'll push you, down the stairs
have a nice trip I'll see you next fall
I'm sick, of your stupid games
I'm not gonna play I'm gonna start a war
back down, and just surrender
my cut throat tactics will leave your ass sor
Give me, some respect
do it now or I'll mess your ass up
up yours, I don't wanna talk
my whole damn army will destroy your hut
(chorus 2x)
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Shoplifting Spree
Hands are shakin
I've just run out of candy
I know just what to do
time for another spree
I'm going on
another shoplifting spree
not a damn person
or thing that can stop me
Riding my bike
to the local dollar store
it's getting easy
won't complain cause I'm gonna score
(chorus 2x)
They haven't caught me yet
don't think they ever will
I'll get away with it
it's such an easy steal
(chorus 2x)
I was going on
another shoplifting spree
those little bastards
they finally caught me
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Disorientation by biblatchy Disorientation :iconbiblatchy:biblatchy 0 0 Vision of Beauty by biblatchy Vision of Beauty :iconbiblatchy:biblatchy 0 0
The Waiting Game
You're running
the reason I cannot see
where are we going
the suspense is killing me
So tell me
just where this is heading
maybe I can find out
if this leads to sanity
I'm sitting
in my room and drinking
away my sorrows
don't know if the room is spinning
I just hate
this fucking waiting game
too much stress
it's driving me insane
So let me
find it out on my own
if this was meant to be
or should we stay at home
Just say it
please don't keep it in
I can take the pain
it's gonna happen again
(chorus 2x)
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The Ninja Song
In the woods
sneakin around
without a sound
hiding out
in the bush
it's time for
an ambush
Time to kill
the samurai
snap their necks
they're gonna die
we are in
a ninja clan
and we're gonna
kill again
Masters of
the silent art
you can't tell
us apart
from the shadows
we attack
no way to
disband our pack
We will get you
in your sleep
and not even
make a peep
our weapons
are mainly swords
but we can use
wooden boards
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The Boogeyman
Starin up at the ceiling
not a single source of light
too scared to even move
in a state of constant fright
You can hear him at night
tryin to cause your mind to break
just follow my advice
whatever you do just stay awake
I see my closet door
it's standing wide open
we're now on his turf
there's no use in hopin
He sticks to the shadows
and never makes a sound
he's all around us
no way to take him down
Now we're awake
the nightmare's come to an end
no way to know
if he'll do it again
back in his lair
he's overly stressed
he has just lost
his favorite guest
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I can see the light
at the other end of the cave
darkness is taking over
I'll never see the light of day
I've been caught by them
they know about my life
they're always wanting more
nothing will ever suffice
(repeat 3x)
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Welcome to the other side
no use in tryin to fight
just give in with all your might
you're no longer in a warming light
Cry cry everybody cry
nowhere to run cause you're gonna die
fly fly everybody fly
welcome to my world it's the darker side
Now you're here and you're mine to keep
just like the waters of the river deep
there's no use in trying to creep
cause regardless he's gonna reap
Now you're down to your last breath
the little game is always the best
now way you can clean up this mess
you can run but you can't excape death
Time is now over for you
now you're gonna pay your dues
don't even bother trying something new
you're in the dark hope you enjoy the view
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Did you just hear that
it came from up above
better get out now
'fore push comes to shove
Gotta secret
the government's after me
gotta lay low
bein chased by the KGB
I think I saw something
hiding in a tree
I'm getting freaked
it's only half past three
(chorus 2x)
The men in white
are takin me away
I have a new room
with padded walls oh yay!
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The Pirate Song
Sailin on the high seas
smellin the salty breeze
raiding and plundering
other ships with ease
Look to the horizon,
there's another boat
ready the cannons
I hope they like to float
Drop the anchor now lads
there's another town
let's raid it now
and burn it down to the ground
Out on our desert isle
we have treasure
we got so much
it's beyound normal measure
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I'm hearin things
that don't exist
I can't sleep
and it's makin me pissed
I hear the clock
laughing in my face
it's dark as hell
and I can't see a thing
Starin off
into outer space
I can feel the warmth
that's escapin my face
(Chorus 2x)
I'm finally asleep
so don't wake me up
if you're makin noise
then please just shut-up
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Green Valley by biblatchy Green Valley :iconbiblatchy:biblatchy 0 0 Evil Range by biblatchy Evil Range :iconbiblatchy:biblatchy 0 0


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United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Punk and ska
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: 3D
Operating System: Windows ME
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: clam
Wallpaper of choice: paint's better than wallpaper
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote, Pepe le Pew
Personal Quote: If you get it right the first time then you obviously cheated.
My creativity comes and goes in cycles. But consistancy can't really be expected from me.


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